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Student Engagement

Improving the learning experience of students in higher education is the main purpose of the Enhancement Themes. The themes are topics that all Scottish universities focus on at the same time, to try to make the quality of their teaching - and the students' learning - even better. Each university works on this topic in their own institution, and they all come together to share what they’ve learned with each other. In this way, everyone can work together to make all Scottish universities better.

It is vital to the success of the themes for students to be involved. Ways in which this can happen are:

  • Think about your own course. Does it need development in certain areas? If so, have a look at the current theme and speak to staff in your department about how the themes can help
  • Staff in your department might not know about the Enhancement Theme. Ask them to find out how the themes might benefit the course and their teaching
  • Tell the students' association about any issues your department is struggling with that might need support from the university
  • Each university has its own institutional team. Contact QAA Scotland to find out who your institution representatives are and to ask about ways you can get involved
  • Attend Enhancement Themes events and speak directly to those who are involved
  • Run for office and use the themes to make positive changes at your university.

Many students are already engaged in the work of the Enhancement Themes and are making a positive contribution for current and future students.