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Taught Postgraduate Student Experience

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The current Learning from International Practice (LFIP) work is looking at the Taught Postgraduate Student Experience. 

The project aims to explore what the defining attributes of Masters-level study are, i.e., “What does it mean to be a Masters’- level student and how are they supported in making that transition?”  In order to help us make sense of  this, the working group  developed a framework called the  'Facets of Mastersness'

The project has produced its final outputs.  These are:

Case studies

See also

Case studies

Mastersness Toolkit

Final discussion paper

What is Mastersness?

What is Masteness?

PGT Community of Practice

A Wider Consultative Group (WCG) was established to work as a wider community of practice for the PGT student experience.  Its purpose is to keep the working group in touch with the issues that affect the sector and more importantly, help to share good practice from within and outwith Scotland.

The WCG is open to all who are interested. We also have a project blog which aims to update the sector about the work we are doing and encourage debate and discussion.