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C1-7 Develop a programme action plan for RPL


  • To what extent are technology tools used to support more efficient RPL processes.
  • To what extent are e-portfolios used to their full capabilities and good practices to support RPL processes?
  • To what extent have staff undertaken professional development and training programmes relating to digital literacies

Good practice

A programme action plan for RPL is developed incorporating:

  • Needs and demands for RPL - learners, employers and PSRBs.
  • Institutional and departmental drivers, goals and priority areas relevant to the programme. 
  • Guiding principles for RPL in the programme.
  • Assignment of staff to RPL roles with designated responsibilities
  • Integrating RPL into curricula 
  • RPL to shape curriculum design for more flexible provision
  • Assessment framework
  • Use of technology tools and good practices to support RPL processes
  • Learner support
  • Partnership working  
  • Preparing learners for e-learning, e-working and further study