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B2-5 Develop a departmental implementation plan for RPL


  • Has a departmental implementation plan for RPL been developed  which creates the environment for and facilitates programme teams in incorporating RPL into curricula?
  • To what extent have all barriers to implementation of RPL been addressed? 
  • Have specific programmes been prioritised for developing RPL? 

Good practice

  • An departmental implementation plan is developed for RPL, incorporating:
    • Key RPL processes – three stages
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Monitoring, review, research and quality assurance/enhancement
    • Staff development and support to guide, support and assess RPL claims
    • Guidelines for programme teams
      • RPL guiding principles
      • Approaches to integrating RPL into curricula
      • RPL to shape curriculum design for more flexible provision
      • Alignment with other priority areas
    • Assessment framework
      • Key assessment practice points
      • Assessment methods
    • Partnerships
    • Use of technology to support RPL
    • Business approaches to RPL
    • Range and scope of programmes for which RPL will apply
    • Joined-up working within the institution 
  • The range and scope of programmes for which RPL will apply is defined, prioritising which programmes should be initially targeted. 
  • Actions to address other barriers to the implementation of RPL in the department are developed (e.g. those identified in the departmental vision, communications and engagement plan).