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B1-3 Establish the key components of the RPL process – stage 3: recognition / assessment


  • To what extent is the role of the assessor clearly identified with key processes? 

Good practice

The stage of recognition/assessment addresses some, or all, of the following processes: 

  • Credit transfer claims
  • Determining level of credit for RPL claims (acceptability/currency)
  • Determining volume of credit for RPL claims (sufficiency) e.g. the amount of time required by the ‘average’ learner, at a particular level, to achieve the outcomes claimed.
  • Evaluating evidence of prior credit (authenticity/currency)
  • Avoidance of double counting of credit in credit transfer claims
  • The use and re-use of credit
  • Recording the award of credit
  • Recognition of Prior informal Learning (RPiL): Assessing the RPiL claim
  • Module claims
  • Claims for entry at an advanced level within an award
  • Avoidance of double counting of credit in RPiL claims