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A2-2 Identify employer and Professional body needs and profiles for RPL

Positioning questions

  • What are the profiles of employers and PSRBs who could benefit from departmental programmes that incorporate RPL?
  • How could employers and PSRBs benefit from RPL?
  • What is the market size for such employers and PSRBs?

Good practice

  • Potential employer and PSRB profiles which could benefit from RPL are identified e.g.
    • Employers which recognise the need for generation of new ideas and developments as a result of the employee/learner reflecting on work activities.
    • Employers which seek to identify employees’ skills and skills gaps effectively as well as identifying appropriate training opportunities.
  • Potential benefits of RPL for employers and PSRBs are identified e.g.
    • Increase employee retention
    • Reduce recruitment and training costs
    • Support workforce development planning and targeting of training/continuing professional development
    • Assist in recruitment and career advancement decisions
    • Increase motivation of employees and enhancing workplace/professional practice
    • Support legislative requirements for a qualified workforce.
    • Can reduce the time required in employee training due to minimised duplication of learning
    • Can provide increased motivation and interest in workplace activities on the part of the employee/learner
    • Can generate new ideas and developments for the organisation as a result of the employee/learner reflecting on work activities.