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A1-1 Provide information and outline guidance on informal and non-formal learning and how it can be recognised

Positioning questions

  • Do staff understand what informal and non-formal learning are and how they can be assessed and validated. 
  • Do staff believe that informal and non-formal learning is inferior to formal learning and accreditation?
  • Do staff appreciate the benefits of formal and informal learning for learners, employers and institutions?

Indicators of good practice

  • Provide information and outline guidance on recognition of informal and non-formal learning for academic, professional support services and administrative staff.
  • Use the guidance materials provided as part of this toolkit together with institutional materials and adapt them to the department's needs and contexts.
  • Provide guidance in a variety of media e.g.
    • Talking head video interviews with stakeholders such as learners, staff and employers.
    • Screencasts e.g. videos showing audio narration of PowerPoint presentations.
    • Mind-maps.
    • Web-sites
    • Podcasts.
    • Q-cards.
    • Posters.
    • QR codes (to link print with online media).
    • E-books.
    • Media targeted at use by mobile devices.
  • Provide information and outline guidance for other stakeholders relevant to the Department e.g. learners, employers and PSRBs
  • Ensure that information and guidance emphasises:
    • Key RPL principles (Learner focused; Accessible; Flexible; Reliable, transparent and consistent; Quality assured)
    • Importance of and benefits from RPL - for learners, universities, employers and PSRBs.
    • Advertising and marketing materials should integrate accurate information and identify named sources for information/guidance
    • Department policy and guidance material for RPL should align with overarching HEI policy and guidance
    • Awareness of widening access agreements is required
    • Awareness of changing policy on overseas students, TIER4 arrangements, European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is required.