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The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Toolkit

Welcome to the RPL toolkit web-site which is designed to departments, programme teams and learners in understanding, engaging with, planning for and implementing RPL.

The toolkit has used the Viewpoints methodology as a basis. We chose this methodology we believe it is a practical way to help staff and students work with resources designed to facilitate the development and enhancement of flexible curriculum initiatives including RPL.

The toolkit has been designed to complement and sit beside the Flexible Curriculum toolkit.

The resource is presented on sets of cards, which can be used in a variety of workshop sessions.  There are three sets of cards. Each set deals with a different part of the RPL implementation process:

  • Developing understanding about and engagement with RPL
  • Departmental preparation and planning for RPL provision
  • Implementing RPL in programmes

A good place to start is the toolkit handbook which explains much of the methodology behind the toolkit and gives valuable guidance about how to use it.

The navigation to the left includes links to the contents of the cards that you might wish to use in your context. All the toolkit resources (e.g. cards, A0 worksheet and action plan templates) are available in the Resources section of this website and there is also a comprehensive list of references and links to other resources to help inform thinking for the different parts of the toolkit.

A process diagram, explaining how the different parts of the RPL implementation processes work together is shown below.

Diagram  showing how the different parts of the Toolkit work together