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Flexible Curriculum Toolkit

Welcome to the Flexible Curriculum toolkit web-site which is designed to support programme teams to develop and enhance practice in flexible curricula.

The toolkit has used the Viewpoints methodology as a basis. We chose this methodology we believe it is a practical way to help programmes teams work with resources designed to facilitate the development and enhancement of flexible curricula.

The resource is presented on sets of cards, which can be used in a variety of workshop sessions.  There are five sets of cards. One set deals with the drivers and needs for flexible curricula.  The other four cover different aspects of flexibility in the curriculum.  Please click on the boxes below to take you to more information about what these contain.

More information about how the cards can be used can be found in the links on the left. Another good place to start is the toolkit handbook.

Needs and Drivers - Flexible Curriculum Toolkit External engagement and partnership - Flexible Curriculum Anytime, anywhere learning - Flexible Curriculum Entry, transition, progressions and exit - Flexible Curriculum Learning model, personalisation and learner engagement - Flexible Curriculum

Flexible curriculum