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Stimulating a healthy appetite for learning - helping year 1 students to make healthy food choices

Stimulating a healthy appetite for learning- helping year 1 students
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Transition to university requires students to acquire new life skills. For many, university is where long lasting health behaviours are developed(1). However, recent reports suggest university students are at risk of making unhealthy food choices due to cost, competing spending priorities, availability of healthy foodstuff and unfamiliarity with food utilisation(2,6). Weight gain is recognised especially amongst those living in shared accommodation and for those who study for more than one year(2,3,4,5). Poor nutrition can impact on students' concentration, academic abilities(2) and lead to the risk of ill health in future life(6).
Caroline E. Gibson, Suzanne O’Neill-Berest & Lindsay Regan, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Publication Date: June 2016

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