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Reflections on a University to College Student Mentoring Project

13th Enhancement Themes Conference Lightning Talk
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Many challenges arise when students transition from college to university requiring numerous adjustments by the student. The university and college put in place programmes and strategies to facilitate this move successfully; however there is still scope to improve this experience. This year one initiative to facilitate a more seamless transition has been the introduction of a university student to college student mentoring programme. In this pilot project college students’ have been paired with a university student mentor who had previously experienced transition from college to university. As recognition of the importance of the mentoring role mentors will have this activity recognised on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). To be eligible for inclusion on the HEAR mentors had to attend a project induction briefing; meet with mentees at least three times; write a reflective account of their experience and attend a debriefing.
Yvette Wharton Abertay University and Sarah Ramminger Dundee and Angus College
Publication Date: June 2016

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