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Responding to Student Needs - Report of Focus Group research by CHERI

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The Responding to Student Needs Steering Committee undertook a consultation exercise using focus groups of staff and students in HE institutions across Scotland. A project interview team, drawn from administrative staff and educational development staff in Scottish institutions, conducted the focus group interviews and produced confidential reports of the outcomes. The reports were analysed by researchers from the Centre for Higher Education Research and Information (CHERI) at the Open University. The aims were to gain an overall picture of issues facing institutions, practitioners and students in relation to student needs and student feedback, and thus to ensure that development work reflected the needs of the sector. CHERI researchers produced a sector-wide report based on their analysis of the focus groups reports. Their report recorded a wide range of experiences and approaches within Scottish HE institutions. It also identified a high degree of consensus about the importance of issues relating to both student support in the first year and issues relating to student evaluation and feedback. This report provided the evidence base for the selection of themes and strands for subsequent development projects
Responding to Student Needs Steering Committee & CHERI, The Open University
Publication Date: April 2004

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