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Transition to and during the first year

Front cover of publication - Transition to and during the first year
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This publication, ‘Transition to and during the first year’, describes a project considering the engagement and empowerment of students by investigating aspects of transition to the first year. The project has drawn on examples of effective and interesting practice within the Scottish, UK-wide and international HE sector to illustrate ways in which these challenges can be addressed. This report makes clear recommendations for ways in which support for transition to HE can be enhanced in order to facilitate student engagement and empowerment in the first year.

The publication is in four parts. In part 1, the project's approach is outlined, followed by a brief overview of the findings. In part 2, the full project findings are outlined. Part 3 covers the conclusions and recommendations and part 4 consists of case studies built on some of the examples of practice referred to within the report that illustrate key features of effective transition support.
Ruth Whittaker, Glasgow Caledonian University
Publication Date: March 2008

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