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Transforming assessment and feedback

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This publication, ‘Transforming assessment and feedback: enhancing integration and empowerment in the first year’, provides practical recommendations for policy-makers, senior managers and teachers on how to implement institutional change in assessment and feedback practices.

These recommendations are based on a review of the research on formative assessment and feedback from the perspective of the first-year experience. The review goes beyond a summary of the literature, however, in that it links the research to the concepts of integration and empowerment - concepts that frame current thinking about the first-year experience. A framework is proposed linking formative assessment and feedback to academic and social integration and to engagement and empowerment. In relation to this framework, 12 principles of good formative assessment and feedback practice are identified and analysed. The publication also provides a wide range of practical examples of good practice in implementing formative assessment in different disciplinary contexts.
Professor David Nicol, University of Strathclyde
Publication Date: February 2009

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