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The First Year Experience: Curriculum Design for the First Year

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This publication outlines the work and outcomes of a practice-focused development project on 'Curriculum design for the first year', part of the First-Year Experience Enhancement Theme. The aim of this project was to investigate the relationship between curriculum design and student engagement and empowerment, which may be viewed from two perspectives: on the one hand, curriculum design may encourage and enhance student engagement and empowerment;and on the other hand, the process of curriculum design might be developed by engaging and involving students.

The publication firstly presents the context and process of the project. Key findings from the first-year curriculum design literature review are then presented. This is followed by key themes emerging from staff workshops, student focus groups and case studies of first-year curriculum design, which highlight work being undertaken by practitioners from the HE sector in Scotland, Ireland and the US. Finally, some of the common issues emerging from the literature and practice are discussed, before presenting conclusions and recommendations. The report also includes appendices detailing the literature review and case studies.
Dr Catherine Bovill / Dr Kate Morss / Dr Cathy Bulley, Queen Margaret University
Publication Date: July 2008

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