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Supporting the development of the flexible curriculum: Flexible entry staff development pack

Front cover: Flexible entry staff development pack
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This Flexible entry resource pack has been developed as part of the Enhancement Theme for Flexible Delivery. The pack has been produced through the development project Supporting the development of the flexible curriculum: flexible entry and flexible programmes.

The purpose of the pack is to support staff within higher education institutions (HEIs) in the development and operation of flexible entry processes within the context of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). This pack also provides a reflective staff development exercise and sources of further information and is designed to be used flexibly by HEIs to underpin staff development for new and experienced staff, the production of staff guides to flexible entry, and paper-based or on-line resources that can act as a source of reference for staff. The pack can also be shared with partners in colleges, in the community and in the workplace to ensure mutual understanding of the process of flexible entry.
Ruth Whittaker, SCQF / Hazel Knox, University of Paisley / Vince Mills and Paula Cleary, Glasgow Caledonian University
Publication Date: December 2005

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