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Student expectations, experiences and reflections on the first year

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This publication, ‘Student expectations, experiences and reflections on the first year’, is a report on a sector-wide investigation into aspects of the first year in HE in Scotland. This report summarises a wide range of discussions held with students in order to inform the Enhancement Theme. These discussions centred on the expectations and experiences of students in the first year and their response to the terms 'engagement' and ‘empowerment'. A concept of 'evaluative dialogue' was developed to obtain better qualitative feedback that reflects the concerns of students rather than addressing issues identified by the university, faculty or department.

The publication describes the aims and methods used and the institutional visits and covers the outcomes and analysis of the discussions. The conclusions of the report are summarised in terms of: suggestions for improving the first-year experience raised by the students themselves; areas for potential further study; and the potential of the method of 'evaluative dialogue' to assist institutions in engaging with their own students
Bill Johnston / Rowena Kochanowska, University of Strathclyde
Publication Date: July 2009

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