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Research-Teaching Linkages: Enhancing Graduate Attributes – Overview

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This publication, ‘Research-Teaching Linkages: enhancing graduate attributes – Overview: the aims, achievements and challenges from the Enhancement Theme’, reports on the Research-Teaching Linkages Enhancement Theme, the focus of which has been on how to enhance the links between discipline-based research and student learning and the development of research-type attributes on taught programmes. It has centred on how course and programme teams, disciplinary communities and institutions can best ensure that the worlds of university research support the student learning experience in ways that can enhance learner achievement of research-type 'graduate attributes'.

The publication covers the aims and programme of work involved. It looks at research-teaching linkages with respect to the Scottish knowledge economy and civic society and considers the characteristics of research-type graduate attributes. It then considers institutional practices and how to enhance them and looks at developments outside Scotland, in the US, England and the Republic of Ireland. It finishes by considering how to further progress the enhancement of graduate attributes through research-teaching linkages in Scotland.
Alan Jenkins, Oxford Brookes University
Publication Date: May 2009

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