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Peer support in the first year

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This publication, ‘Peer support in the first year ‘, is a report from a practice –focussed development project from the First-Year Experience Enhancement Theme

This report explores examples of horizontal peer support, where students within the same year group support each other, and vertical peer support, where more senior students support first-year students. Higher Education practices are examined from two distinct angles:
  1. academic departments and support services in higher education institutions (HEIs) that introduce frameworks and practices explicitly to enable students to support each other; and
  2. practices that are normal parts of the student's course, which foster opportunities for peer support.
The report presents recommendations for enabling HEIs to evolve into effective and accessible learning communities. Nine case studies of peer support are also provided.
Fiona M. Black / Jane MacKenzie, University of Glasgow
Publication Date: August 2008

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