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Guide no 1 - Monitoring Students' Experiences of Assessment

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This publication is the first in the series of Enhancement Themes guides to Integrative Assessment, examines strategies to monitor how well assessment in its various manifestations is working, so as to build on strengths and take prompt remedial action where helpful. The publication explores: why it is important to check how systematically we are monitoring our assessment practices; what aspects of assessment are generally well monitored at present and which have tended to be under monitored or rarely if ever looked at; and how to enhance our monitoring of assessment, choosing from a range of options.

Monitoring assessment in this systematic way, it is argued, is a key aspect of an integrative approach to enhancing assessment, i.e. one which brings the various strands of assessment together in a coherent way that addresses the desired goals and takes account of opportunities and constraints in the setting concerned.
Dai Hounsell, University of Edinburgh
Publication Date: February 2007

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