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Introducing scholarship skills: academic writing

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This publication reports on a project that considered how to engage and empower students by introducing scholarship skills in their first year at university.

The report begins with a review of the literature related to the definition of scholarship then considers approaches taken to help first-year students to identify their strengths in terms of writing. A synthesis of the literature review indicated three main approaches / models to strengthening the academic writing skills of first-year students, i.e. the study skills approach, the academic socialisation approach and the academic literacies approach. The strengths and weaknesses of each model are discussed. For each model, the report considers a number of case studies from current practice in terms of perceived value from a student and practitioner perspective. The report concludes with examples of how the literature review, case studies and reflective focus group information can influence policy-makers in relation to designing the first-year student experience. It also provides recommendations for practitioners and students.
Fran Alston / Lesley Gourlay / Ros Sutherland / Karen Thompson, Edinburgh Napier University
Publication Date: September 2008

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