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Guide no 4 - Managing Assessment Practices and Procedures

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This publication, ‘Managing Assessment Practices and Procedures’, is 4th in a series of Enhancement Themes Guides to Integrative Assessment.

The effective management of assessment practices and procedures is fundamental to an integrative approach to enhancing assessment, i.e. one in which the many and various strands of assessment are brought together in a coherent way that addresses the desired goals and takes account of opportunities and constraints in the setting concerned. The publication notes that while most dimensions of assessment are generally well-managed, there are also aspects which often have not received the weight of attention they seem to warrant in the contemporary higher education institution. These aspects are: managing assessment for as well as assessment of learning; enabling evolutionary change in assessment; and wider sharing of responsibilities for managing assessment practices and processes.
Dai Hounsell, University of Edinburgh
Publication Date: September 2011

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