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Guide no 3 - Blending assignments and assessments for high-quality learning

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This publication is the third of the series of Enhancement Themes Guides to Integrative Assessment, focussing on blending assignments and assessments for high-quality learning. The starting point for the Guide is why it might be important not only to assess students' progress and performance by a variety of means, but also to consider what combination or blend of assignments and assessments in a course or programme of study might be optimal. The Guide goes on to explore what considerations might shape how assignments and assessments can be blended, highlighting examples and case reports from a cross-section of subject areas and course settings. Striving for an effective blend of assignments and assessments, it is suggested, is a key aspect of an integrative approach to assessment, i.e. one in which the many and various strands of assessment come together in a coherent way that addresses the desired goals.

The publication contains sections on blending assignments and assessments for: alignment; greater inclusivity; to facilitate and promote progression; and for economy and quality.
Professor Dai Hounsell / Dr Rui Xu / Miss Chun Ming Tai, University of Edinburgh
Publication Date: February 2007

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