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Guide no 2 - Balancing assessment of and assessment for learning

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This publication is the second in the series and discusses ways of striking an optimal balance between the twin central functions of assessment, i.e. to evaluate and certify students' performance or achievement, and to assist students in fulfilling their fullest potential as learners. Balancing assessment of and assessment for learning well, it is argued, is a key aspect of an integrative approach to enhancing assessment, i.e. one which brings the many and various strands of assessment together in a coherent way that addresses the desired goals and takes account of opportunities and constraints in the setting concerned.

The publication looks at strategies for rebalancing assessment (feedforward assessments, cumulative coursework, better understood expectations and standards and speedier feedback). In each case, examples of the strategies in action are given.
Professor Dai Hounsell / Dr Rui Xu / Miss Chun Ming Tai, University of Edinburgh
Publication Date: February 2007

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