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Graduates for the 21st Century - Institutional activities

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This publication focuses on the achievements of the Graduates for the 21st Century (G21C) Theme as a whole and has two aims: (i) to synthesise what has been learnt from the work of the Theme and (ii) to consider how its outcomes could fruitfully be built upon and further pursued under the aegis of the new Theme, Developing and Supporting the Curriculum (DSC).

The document looks at the G21C Theme outcomes and achievements under three headings: shared understanding of graduate attributes and qualities; developed strategies for enhancement; and resources, tools and activities. It then looks at taking the G21C Theme into the DSC Theme in terms of embedding: ethical, social and professional understanding; global citizenship; and communication and information literacy, as well as stimulating active student engagement.
Professor Dai Hounsell, University of Edinburgh
Publication Date: August 2011

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