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Flexible Delivery: An overview of the work of the Enhancement Theme 2004-06

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In this overview of the Flexible Delivery Theme's work, the author firstly describes how the scope of the Theme was outlined, and how Scottish higher education institutions (HEIs) responded to questions about their priorities for current and future developments in the areas identified. The themes that emerged from this consultation are drawn out, to give a picture of the state of thinking about flexible delivery in the Scottish HE sector, which is then considered in relation to those found in a global scan. The international case studies identified in this scan inspired a number of workshops, and these in turn provided the context in which the Steering Committee agreed on a typology of flexible delivery. Finally, six developmental projects, based on this typology, which constituted the concluding stage of the work of the Theme are described.
Professor Terry Mayes, Glasgow Caledonian University
Publication Date: December 2006

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