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First and foremost: Learner autonomy in the first year

Front cover of publication - First and foremost: Learner autonomy in the first year
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The aim of this paper is to consider the challenges in building learner autonomy through the first-year curriculum such that students can begin to relate their personal relationship with knowledge to that of wider public criteria.

The paper points out that it is desirable that students develop themselves to move beyond considering education as a process of straightforward knowledge acquisition to one of change and growth. It notes that despite the recent focus on personalisation often the goal of the first year in Scottish higher education is to provide students with a disciplinary grounding and that much of the curriculum and pedagogy is still devoted to knowledge acquisition. It goes on to examine the relationship between graduate attributes, learner autonomy and the knowledge society and then to consider this in more detail in relation to the changing nature of the first year of university education.
Dr James Moir, University of Abertay Dundee
Publication Date: July 2011

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