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Working together: enhancing students' employability

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This publication, ‘Working together: enhancing students' employability (Partnerships between institutions and students)’, is part of the work on the Enhancement Theme of Employability and attempts to give a flavour of the activities run by institutions and their students' associations that, in addition to providing recreation or service, enhance participating students' employability. Examples have been chosen with the aim of making the link between the activity and employability explicit and are frequently supported with training, recognition or forms of mentoring. Examples from beyond the United Kingdom have also been included, where relevant, to give some indications of where practitioners may wish to develop and expand practice in the future. The examples are grouped together in five different themes covering:
  • the development of sports clubs and societies;
  • services for student welfare and diversity;
  • volunteering as a means of enhancing student employability;
  • entrepreneurship and enterprise; and
  • issues of recognition.
Duncan Cockburn / James Dunphy, University of Aberdeen
Publication Date: December 2006

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