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Enhancing Graduate Attributes: Physical Sciences

Front cover of publication - Physical Sciences
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This publication represents one of the outputs of the Physical Sciences discipline project of the Enhancement Theme on Research-Teaching Linkages: enhancing graduate attributes. It takes the form of an extensive series of case studies and snapshots of current practice from physics and chemistry throughout (and occasionally outside) Scotland, grouped according to practical ways of enhancing research-teaching linkages in the undergraduate curriculum. The authors have attempted to identify the breadth of what research-teaching linkages in the Physical Sciences in Scotland actually map on to, in terms of activities at the 'coalface' of undergraduate teaching and learning.

The case studies and snapshots, which form the basis of this publication, illustrate activities across the range of levels of the undergraduate programme, from first-year laboratories to the final-year project exercise. These examples cover the breadth of the discipline, from traditional physics and chemistry programmes to astronomy and forensic sciences. While a lot are specific to a particular course in a school or department, many have wide applicability beyond this specific area.
Dr Simon Bates / Dr Marialuisa Aliotta, University of Edinburgh & Dr Bruce Sinclair / Dr Antje Kohnle, University of St. Andrews
Publication Date: March 2008

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