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Enhancing Graduate Attributes in Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance

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This publication focuses on the potential for enhancement of teaching and learning through the integration of teaching and research. It examines current issues in the research teaching nexus in Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance (BMAF), and establishes a significant pedagogic basis for sustaining and enhancing the link between research and teaching, at all levels in the contemporary provision of BMAF subjects. Evidence of current practice is drawn from a series interviews with senior academic staff as well as review of printed and web-based information relevant to BMAF provision in Scotland. Approaches to enhancing the research-teaching link are considered, and case studies of current practice, provided by academics from various subject specialisms and institutions are given, illustrating a range of ways in which research can be embedded in teaching practice.

A profiling framework is also developed, by applying previously published frameworks to the specific circumstances of BMAF practice and provision, for use in evaluating the coverage and consistency of research-teaching links. A summary and recommendations for linking research and teaching in BMAF conclude this report, along with suggestions for further examination of current and potential practice in developing the research-teaching nexus.
Professor Mary Malcolm, University of Abertay
Publication Date: August 2008

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