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Accessing JISC and Higher Education Academy resources to support flexible delivery

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The stated aim of this briefing paper and the resources it introduced was to assist institutions in enhancing flexible delivery within the context of their unique missions by providing a vision of flexible learning and tools for a learning environment that addresses the diverse needs of different types of learners. The focus throughout is on three key areas of pedagogy, learner support and infrastructure.

This resource was intended: to raise awareness of current (2006) initiatives to develop e-learning and blended learning; to provide information on effective practice in the use of e-learning tools; and to promote the development and application of e-learning tools to support effective practice. This work was informed by: case studies of good practice in HE institutions worldwide; technological projects being undertaken by JISC and the SFC; and changing practice in learning and teaching to promote flexible delivery.
Flexible Delivery Steering Committee
Publication Date: November 2006

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