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Call for expressions of interest - Evaluation of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme

| 17 Jan 2017

Individuals or groups are invited to submit an expression of interest and a quotation for a project to support the evaluation of the current Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

The current Enhancement Theme, Student Transitions, was launched in summer 2014 and will run for three academic years, reaching completion in summer 2017. This Theme has focused on transitions into, out of and during a programme of higher education study.

To support the sector in continuing to develop the use of Enhancement Themes, which are a component part of the Quality Enhancement Framework, evaluation work is being commissioned. The evaluation work has two distinct but related objectives. Firstly, as part of the planned work of the Theme, to conduct an evaluation of the third and final year, building on the evaluation work that was undertaken during the first two years of the Theme. This evaluation will support institutions to gain better insight of the third year of work and to inform the sector's thinking around identifying the topic of the next Theme. The second objective of the evaluation is to critically review and reflect back over all three years of the Theme, with a view to identifying the Theme's benefits, impact and lessons learned for the sector. 

Further details and an application form are available on our website. 

Applications must be received by QAA Scotland no later than 17.00 GMT on Monday 6 February 2017.