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Student Transitions: Showcase of institutional multi-media resources

Institutions have developed a student-facing multimedia resource during this third and final year of the Student Transitions Theme. These resources take a variety of formats, such as websites and videos and support a range of student transitions. They celebrate the extensive and innovative work undertaken by institutions across the three years of the Theme.


University of Aberdeen

Title: Student transitions

Description: An eight minute video signposting a number of resources supporting students’ transitions in, through and out of their studies.

Resource: Watch the video

Abertay University

Title: Abertay teaching environment experiences: A student perspective

Description: This is a 17 minute video about the student experience of different types of teaching activities. At the moment, we have: lectures, tutorials and practicals as these are the main kind teaching activities, which students will experience. These videos are being embedded into the Xerte learning object which was developed by students last year to support transitions to university which has a section about different teaching experiences.

Resource: Watch the video

University of Dundee

Title: LIVE Smart and LEARN Smart

Description: LEARN Smart points you to information and resources that will help you in preparing for University, during your studies and in thinking about your career.

Resource: Visit the website

University of Edinburgh

Title: Adapting well

Description: A suite of web pages, which includes a number of videos and document links, aimed at helping students adapt well and get the best from their university experience.

Resource: Visit the website

Edinburgh Napier University

Title: Edinburgh Napier University: Student transitions

Description: A Moodle page was developed for international students, in partnership with Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association. This was responding to the gaps identified in the 2016 International Students Transition Scoping Project. It is available to students before their transition and is regularly updated throughout the year. As this page is available through the VLE, it cannot be granted public access. The University has provided a recorded tour of the site and included extracts from the videos with international students.

Resource: Watch the video

University of Glasgow

Title: Blended and online learning

Description: A suite of web pages focused at staff developing online and blended learning resources. The institution’s 5 student commentaries feature within these web pages.

Resource: Visit the website 

Glasgow Caledonian University

Title: Transitions for all

Description: This video was produced for and by students at Glasgow Caledonian University. It highlights five areas where we support student transition through the experiences of GCU students who have participated in these transition activities. This video was developed as part of our contribution to the Enhancement Theme: Student Transition.

Resource: Watch the video 

Glasgow School of Art

Title: Transitions into Art School

Description: A five minute video featuring interviews with a number of students from different entry backgrounds.

Resource: Watch the video 

Heriot-Watt University

Title: Experience counts – making that transition

Description: Students contemplating transitioning seek information. Much of this has traditionally come through formal channels such as Academics or the Recruitment Service in a University setting. What many Universities are now realising is that many students want to speak to other students. They want first hand experiences that they can learn form and use to make informed choices. In order that this can be framed in a way that prospective HE students find informative is the key to the success of this practice. This project aims to expose the insights students have of making the transition via a short video which can be shown to FE students in colleges, posted on the web for wider exposure, and drawn on by academics and recruitment professionals to inform how they engagement with students contemplating transitioning from FE to HE.       

Resource: Watch the video

Open University in Scotland

Title: Off to a good start with the Open University: five tips to help you get going with your studies

Description: This short animation offers students who are starting their studies with the OU, or returning after a break, some practical tips that will help them get off to a good start. The video aims to support students in getting the most out of their studies by highlighting the importance of being organised, actively engaging with and personalising their online learning spaces, and making and maintaining contact with their tutor or study advisor and their peers on the same module.

Resource: Watch the video

Queen Margaret University

Title: Don’t panic - Psych/soc students guide to fourth year

Description: A suite of web pages designed by students, for students, to help sociology/psychology Honours year students navigate the transition through the fourth year of their degree.

Resources: Visit the website

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Title: Student Transitions

Description: The films contained on the site have been developed by our students for future students to give them an insight to their journey into and through the Conservatoire.

Resources: Visit the website

Robert Gordon University

Title: The experience of commuting students

Description: The experience of commuting students is similar to that of other students, yet unique in other ways. Commuters require a large measure of tenacity in order to successfully complete their courses of study. Robert Gordon University carried out research into the experiences of commuting students in order to understand better their learner journeys and this video resource contains the reflections of students, as well as staff who explain how they accommodate commuters so as to ensure they have the best possible learning experience.

Resource: Watch the video

Scotland's Rural College

Title: SRUC Transitions

Resource: Watch the video

University of St Andrews

Title: Transitions app

Description: A mobile device application, trialled since 2015, which gives incoming students ready access to a variety of induction information; helping students transition in a flexible, “on the go” manner into university life.

Resources: Download the app from iTunes or Google Play - Search for University of St Andrews

University of Stirling

Title: Student transitions

Description: An extensive suite of web pages with embedded videos, documents and web links showcasing the programme of project work undertaken within the Theme. The web pages and resources focused on the student journey at key transition points, providing helpful reference points for student and staff.

Resources: Visit the website

Unversity of Strathclyde

Title: Introduction to ‘We are Strathclyde’

Description: The video introduces some of the themes of ‘We are Strathclyde’, a new four-week online course for incoming undergraduates at the University of Strathclyde. Students participate in the course prior to arriving at the University. The course includes around 60 activities including videos, discussion forums and quizzes, covering a range of ideas, information and useful sources of support. The course also includes a set of videos portraying the lives of three fictional new students as they encounter different issues and challenges. Students on the course are encouraged to interact with each other, and with the staff running the course. The video shows a selection of clips from the course.

Resources: Watch the video

University of the Highlands and Islands

Title: Access to Masters - The organisational interface

Description: The Access to Masters (AToM) platform allows candidates to assess their suitability for Masters courses and, where required, provides them with self-study modules to help them prepare for their application and the course.

Resources: Watch the video or Visit the website

University of the West of Scotland

Title: Square one

Description: This short video features the Square One Moodle course, and is designed as a video walk through for pre-entry students.

Resource: Watch the video