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Copyright policy 

All information that appears on this website is QAA copyright, unless identified otherwise.

The principles of our Copyright policy are that we will:

  • permit re-use on the basis of acknowledgement of QAA’s copyright
  • allow re-use of parts of or full publications for personal, educational and research purposes without the need to request a specific licence
  • not allow anyone to re-use our websites wholesale
  • permit electronic re-use, but always encourage users to establish hypertext links to the website
  • not permit any user to sell our information wholesale.

For requests to re-use our information we will:

  • treat all similar requests equitably
  • respond to routine requests within 20 working days or indicate when more complex responses will take longer to deal with
  • only consider charges where applicants are seeking commercial gain.

If you wish to re-use any of QAA's information you should: