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QAA Scotland/European RPL Network project on recognition of prior learning 

Case studies

This project was commissioned by QAA Scotland in May 2010, with the aim of gathering a number of case studies or exemplars of recognition of prior learning (RPL) in higher education institutions in Scotland and more widely in Europe.

This collection of 25 case studies, from 11 countries, includes a rich variety of RPL initiatives and should provide an important resource for practitioners, institutions and countries looking to introduce, develop, or expand practice and policies relating to RPL. It is not intended to be representative of practice in individual countries or across the European Higher Education Area. The intention is to provide actual examples of actual RPL in practice.

Contact details are provided for those responsible for the case studies and practitioners are encouraged to use these to exchange information and share practice and experiences.

Case studies from the QAA Scotland/European RPL Network project on recognition of prior learning

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