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Past Events

Webinar - Setting expectations: clarifying roles, preferences and working practices

Getting off to a great start with your supervision depends on establishing an effective relationship with your student and the rest of the supervisory team.  This takes place alongside establishing the student in both the institution and a programme of work.

Many of the common challenges faced by both supervisors and research students can be avoided by taking time at the start of the doctorate to:

  • set expectations carefully
  • define the roles of student and supervisory team
  • clarify institutional requirements and opportunities.

In this short webinar we will introduce some resources and ideas that will help you to:

  • determine the most important expectations and issues to clarify with your student(s)
  • plan to make an effective start to your working relationship and supervision meetings
  • establish the student in a productive and purposeful programme of work.

The webinar will consist of a 20-minute online presentation followed by an opportunity for discussion and Q&A with the facilitator, an experienced supervisor and the other participants.

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