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Institutional policies on assessment

The Reflections on Assessment Theme quotes Mantz Yorke's self reflective questions aimed at Institutional policies on assessment. Yorke proposes that leadership needs to be taken by senior management in the sector in assisting teaching staff to develop enhanced student assessment practice. He encourages institutions (the sector) to take this forward, based on the construction of responses to a number of strategic questions:

  • Does the institutional policy or mission imply that its general approach to assessment should be changed? And, if so, in what way(s)?
  • Are there any general institutional weaknesses in assessment (such as might have emerged from subject reviews or from internal reflection on practices and procedures, which need to be tackled?
  • Since assessment is, by general consent, the least well-understood and enacted aspect of curricula, what developmental activity needs to be instigated?
  •  In dealing with the preceding questions, is best use being made of existing expertise, both 'in-house' and from outside. And if not, why not?
  • What, if anything, needs to be done to make the institutional system that surrounds assessment function effectively and be compliant with external expectations?
  • How does the institution keep abreast of developments in assessment both nationally and internationally?
  • How does the institution learn from its diverse experiences regarding assessment, and develop?

Answers to these questions will assist in the ongoing development of institutions' teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

Source: Reflection on Assessment I