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Assessment expectations and requirements

The Integrative Assessment Theme points towards an increasingly recognition that for students to attain high standards, it is essential that they have a better understanding of expectations and standards and to develop a good grasp of what counts as high-quality work in a given subject and at a given level. But it is also becoming apparent that making explicit to students the criteria used to assess their progress and performance, valuable though that is, it is not in itself enough to help students to come to hold 'a concept of quality roughly similar to that held by the teacher' (Sadler 1989).

An important development in rebalancing assessment has therefore been the emergence of initiatives to close this gap by more interactive briefing and training of students about assessment expectations and requirements. One prominent focus has been dialogue about assessment, but there have also been attempts to involve students in generating their own criteria for assessing an unfamiliar task, and to offer them training in evaluating their own and others' work.

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