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Assessment and employability

The Integrative Assessment Theme offered a detailed list of assignments and the learning opportunities that they offer. These opportunities not only help to stretch and define what students know, understand and are able to do, they also stem from greater alertness as to what will be expected of students in their working lives beyond graduation.

This notion was reflected in the overview of Streamlining assessment - how to make assessment more efficient and effective and the Assessment workshop series that were part of the Assessment Enhancement Theme.

Colleagues at The Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) developed a formative 'action exercise' in the workplace designed to complement theoretical classroom activities and provide the opportunity to develop graduate attributes, especially those relating to employability. The assignment provided students with practical experience of auditing the environmental impact on an employer.

They carried out an initial environmental review of Quayle Munro's Edinburgh office and wrote a report which they shared with the organisation. In addition to developing employability skills, this exercise was intended to have a positive impact on student engagement with learning and raise awareness of SAC graduate attributes in general.

The exercise self consciously used formative assessment techniques in order to aid engagement with the learning process and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.