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Student Transitions

The Student Transitions Enhancement Theme ran from summer 2014 to summer 2017, spanning three academic years.

This Theme provided the Scottish higher education sector with dedicated time and resources to explore the area of student transitions into, through and out of a programme of study at university. The work of this Theme was managed by the Theme Leaders Group (TLG) which comprised academic and student members from each higher education institution. The group chair was Professor Roni Bamber, Queen Margaret University.

Sector-wide work

In addition to the institutional work (see below), three topic-focused projects arising from the first year of the Theme were taken forward during the duration of the Theme. These were:

  • Transitions Map: A comprehensive resource highlighting practice across the sector in various stages and types of student transitions.
  • Transition Skills and Strategies: This three-year project researched and developed resources which aim to support both staff and students to develop a variety of skills essential for a successful transition.
  • Support for care experienced students: This project, which took place in the first year of the Theme, focused on the particular needs of care experienced students.

During the second and third years of the Theme, work was undertaken to research the experiences and needs of international students transitioning into the Scottish higher education sector.

Institutional work

All Scottish higher education Institutions have actively taken part in the Enhancement Theme and have produced a large variety of case studies and work reports. Their end of year reports, work plans, case studies and student commentaries are available on each of their institutional pages.

Each of our Scottish higher education Institutions also produced multimedia resource(s) which showcases work they have completed during the Student Transitions Theme.

In the final year of the Theme, institutions also produced student commentaries as additions to the case studies they produced in years one and two of the theme. These commentaries demonstrate how the experience of students has been improved because of institutional activity which has taken place during the Theme.

During the final year of the Theme, QAA Scotland funded three inter-institutional collaborative projects, commissioned by the Theme Leaders’ Group. Two were under the topic use of technology and online resources to support student transitions. One project was under the topic student skills development to support transitions. A range of resources have been produced by the project teams.