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Navigating change

Academic resilience

Materials were developed to make students aware of the concept of resilience and some of the ways they can develop this.

This was by creating eight scenarios showing examples of students who have experienced various kinds of setbacks.

In a workshop session, the student’s task is to identify possible strategies which can overcome the various setbacks.

There is also space for students to identify setbacks in their current life and to actively work with their tutor in developing strategies which can overcome these.

The range of strategies can be wide-ranging, for example, applying good study skills, communicating well, using peer support and working with other students.  Tutors are provided with detailed guidance notes to support students in their answers.

The following editable resources have been created for use by students and staff in this skill area:

These, along with improving goal setting and self-belief, may help students to become more academically resilient. See resources in self-management of expectations and self-efficacy.


An important successful student strategy for mindset can be to convince students that their academic ability can improve. This could potentially be facilitated by providing them with evidence from the literature and samples of fixed mindset and growth mindset statements to compare.

The following resources have been created for use by students and staff in this skill area:

  • Includes the card sort activity in an interactive format along with two further reflection exercises (Apply change mindset process and suggest alternative approach).


Two additional interactive student activities were created to support the materials already developed in Phase 1 for self-efficacy*

Self-management of expectations

The literature reviews of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project indicated that student self-management of expectations could potentially be enhanced by encouraging them to become more effective at setting and achieving goals.

The following editable resources have been created for use by students and staff in this skill area:

Please note:  Most student activities are in a PDF format and are interactive. This is where users can type text directly into the document or select from choices available on the pull-down menus. The user can save the PDF file with their answers intact.

If you wish to edit these resources before using with a student, you will need to do so using PDF editing tools such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or one of the online PDF editors.  PDF 'readers' don't allow editing. Your IT (or similar) department in your institution will be able to provide support for PDF document editing.  All other files are presented in Word or PowerPoint to allow you to edit/customise according to your particular setting.