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Transition skills

Phase 2 - Supporting students to develop new skills and strategies for successful transitions

As part of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme, QAA Scotland funded Phase 2 (2016-17) of a project to examine transition skills and strategies. Phase 1 of the Transition Skills and Strategies project was carried out in the academic year 2014-15.

The overall aim of this programme of work was to create a toolkit of effective transition skills and strategies and to foster a shared vocabulary for dialogue, with and for students.

The focus of this work was on skills which are beneficial in university and also in work, life and the future. Transitions can be seen to be wide-ranging, since we are always experiencing changes of some sort, from navigating the new academic environment to navigating relationships and careers.

Transition skills are those which allow individuals to positively navigate the myriad, complex changes in university, in life and beyond to lead to actions which are based on balanced judgements.

Aims, objectives and resources

Phase 2 explored the following skills:

Skills for academic study

A research background report was prepared which explored the skills shown above.

Please read the project rationale for the chosen skills, as shown below, which gives background and context in how the project was conducted.

The project was led by Ms Elaine Smith and Dr Barry Beggs, both based at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Please use the hashtag #ETtransitionskills on Twitter to keep up to date with developments in this project.