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Student Transitions (2014-17)

During this Enhancement Theme, we explored the transitions of students into, through and out of study at university. We completed a range of sector-wide projects and institutional work.

Sector-wide work

Three topic-focused projects ran for the duration of the Theme. These were:

  • Transitions Map - Collated resources highlighting practice across the sector. Covering various stages and types of student transitions.
  • Transition Skills and Strategies - A set of resources to support staff and students. Using the resources will help develop skills essential for a successful transition.

Institutional work

All Scottish higher education Institutions have taken part in the Enhancement Theme. They have produced a variety of work which is available on each of the institutional pages. This includes:

  • End of year reports and work plans for each year.
  • Case studies produced during years one and two.
  • Student commentaries that support the case studies. Proving that institutional activity has improved the experience of students.


Student Transitions ran for three academic years, from summer 2014 to summer 2017. TLG managed the work of the Theme. This comprised academic and student members from each Scottish higher education institution. The group chair was Professor Roni Bamber, Queen Margaret University.