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Research-Teaching Linkages: graduate attributes

The attributes and skills that work on the Theme focused on were:

At undergraduate level:

  • critical understanding informed by current developments in the subject
  • an awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge, how knowledge is created, advanced and renewed, and the excitement of changing knowledge
  • the ability to identify and analyse problems and issues, and to formulate, evaluate and apply evidence-based solutions and arguments
  • the ability to apply a systematic and critical assessment of complex problems and issues
  • the ability to deploy techniques of analysis and enquiry
  • familiarity with advanced techniques and skills
  • originality and creativity in formulating, evaluating and applying evidence based solutions and arguments
  • an understanding of the need for a high level of ethical, social, cultural, environmental and wider professional conduct.

At master's level:

  • conceptual understanding that enables critical evaluation of current research and advanced scholarship
  • originality in the application of knowledge
  • the ability to deal with complex issues and make sound judgements in the absence of complete data.