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Staff: enhancing teaching

The project was conducted by:

Dr Pete Cannell and Dr Alison Gilmour, Open University in Scotland

This project focused on the following areas:

  1. How are staff (academic, academic-related or support staff) in teaching roles supported, formally and informally, to develop their teaching?
  2. How are staff supported at different stages in their careers?
  3. What recognition and reward is there for teaching staff?
  4. How is it known that staff are developing their teaching, and how is practice shared?
  5. What are the challenges and opportunities in all of these?

The project was supported by Rowena Pelik (QAA Scotland), chair of the Theme, and managed by Dr Christine Macpherson (QAA Scotland).

During 2012-13, the project team engaged with the sector through regular reporting and discussion with the steering committee and events, including the International Enhancement Conference.

In addressing the questions above, Drs Cannell and Gilmour devised an online survey, which was completed by staff from across Scottish higher education. The results of this survey, interviews with staff, a review of the literature and data gathered through events, has culminated in a publication of findings.

Workshops and conference

Two workshops were held to present the findings to the sector on 12 December at the University of the West of Scotland and on 13 December at the University of Dundee. Both were very well attended. We also held a mini conference on 27 February, at Edinburgh Napier University which was very informative and beneficial day for many. Presentation slides from the workshops and the conference are available to view on this page.

Outcomes of the work included:

  • Case examples to illustrate strategic or practical approaches to supporting staff in enhancing teaching
  • Regional workshops
  • Staff: enhancing teaching one day conference
  • Contribution to the Enhancement Themes conference
  • Briefing papers on events