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Overview of Developing and Supporting the Curriculum

An outline of Developing and Supporting the Curriculum (Briefing Paper 1) was published in Spring 2011 to introduce the theme and was distributed across the Scottish higher education sector.  A second paper was published in Summer 2012 to mark the beginning of phase 2 (Briefing Paper 2). We are now pleased to publish our third and final paper (Briefing Paper 3) which recaps the achievements from the first two phases and outlines what to expect from the final phase from the current Theme.

The Way Forward

The Developing and Supporting the Curriculum theme operates on three levels:

  1. Institutional: Each University has created an institutional team who are taking forward and co-ordinating the work of the Theme within their institution. They are developing work in the context of their own institutional priorities, students' needs and implementation plans. Some additional resources are being commissioned to feed into and support this work.
  2. Areas of Shared Interest: One aim of the Theme in its first year was to help institutions in sharing and learning from enhancement approaches across the whole spectrum of HEIs in Scotland and from approaches outside Scotland. Work on the theme identfied clusters of shared interest around particular issues, facilitated discussion and developed collaborative projects across HEIs. 
  3. Sectoral: This Theme has continued the sector-wide discussions developed in the previous theme, Graduates for the 21st Century, through sector symposia, institutional events, and steering committee sessions. This will also be continued at the upcoming Enhancement conference. National and international contributors are informing these activities.