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Public information set

The public information set focuses on the public information published by institutions about the quality of their provision. The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) requires all institutions in Scotland to make clear and accurate information about the quality of teaching and learning accessible to the public. The accuracy of this information will be examined as part of ELIR.

The types of information that SFC asks institutions to provide includes:

  • information for prospective students: including admission arrangements and requirements, details of curricula, flexibility of course choice, what awards are offered by the institution and the career options available to students for individual awards

  • information for current students; including the curriculum coverage of their course and how it is delivered and assessed, complaints procedures and much of what is covered by information for prospective students

  • employer and employer organisations: including what knowledge and skills graduates with different awards will have achieved; details of industrial links and how institutions ensure curricula are up-to-date

  • professional and statutory bodies (PSBs): including how the institution ensures that programme curricula and assessment are consistent with PSB requirements

  • SFC: including the programme and outcomes of internal subject review and the institution's strategy for quality enhancement

SFC has issued guidelines to help institutions implement this part of the quality enhancement strategy.