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Enhancement Themes Partners


The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Scotland

The mission of QAA across the UK is 'to safeguard the public interest in sound standards of higher education qualifications and to inform and encourage continuous improvement in the management of the quality of higher education' To deliver this mission, QAA Scotland provides an integrated review and enhancement service, designed to both safeguard the public interest and support higher education institutions in Scotland and staff at all levels in the continuing enhancement of the student learning experience. This service includes a range of development and enhancement activities including supporting and facilitating the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee and the Enhancement Themes.

Scottish Funding Council (SFC)

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) distributes £1.5 billion in funding for teaching and learning, research and other activities in Scotland's colleges and universities. Established in 2005, the Council provides a strategic overview of tertiary education in Scotland to help secure a more coherent system of high-quality learning, teaching and research.

Universities Scotland (US)

Universities Scotland is the autonomous voice of the higher education sector in Scotland. It is a membership organisation, funded by the 21 Scottish universities and colleges of higher education to support and promote them. Universities Scotland exists to promote their good work, to argue for the public support needed to maintain and build on their achievements, and to develop policy on Scottish higher education issues.

Higher Education Academy (HEA)

The Academy's mission is to help institutions, discipline groups and all staff to provide the best possible learning experience for their students. The Academy's strategic aims and objectives include: to be an authoritative and independent voice on policies that influence student learning experiences; to support institutions in their strategies for improving the student learning experience; to lead, support and inform the professional development and recognition of staff in higher education; to promote good practice in all aspects of support for the student learning experience; to lead the development of research and evaluation to improve the quality of the student learning experience and to be a responsive, efficient and accountable organisation

National Union of Students Scotland (NUS)

NUS Scotland exists to represent the interests of students, in negotiations with local and central government, educational bodies, trades unions and other external organisations. It provides advice, information and training for its affiliated local students' associations, of which all students are automatically members in colleges and Universities. The Scottish President, Depute President and Women's Officer are full time elected officers who work from the NUS Scottish Office and who are the senior office-bearers of the NUS' Scottish Executive Committee.